Global PlayStation® 5 launch

Global PlayStation® 5 launch, Amplify / Sony Interactive Entertainment
PlayStation® push the boundaries of what is possible to launch one of the most anticipated consoles in history...

25 regions. 5 continents. 1 global launch.

Typically, a global launch moment for a console is a celebration centred around the players. From those queuing for days in advance to IRL moments that the entire community can experience. In the midst of the global pandemic, it was clear we needed to think differently.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the maker of PlayStation®, surprised consumers by creating an experience everyone could experience despite being seen by few in real life. Rather than port an IRL experience online, SIE and Amplify reimagined how to immerse the audience and bring a story to life in a totally new way.

The activations took place on iconic landmarks and locations around the world including Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Venice’s St Marks’ Square and a mountain range in Switzerland, and were amplified on social turning the world blue as each region launched.

Pushing the boundaries of reality, we used anamorphic illusions that created fully immersive content where PlayStation® 5 and the DualSense wireless controller seemingly broke through the screen.
Delivering the first globally co-ordinated social campaign in PlayStation® history the experiences were filmed as they went live. Films were edited and posted on social channels within 8 hours of activation celebrating the arrival of the console and receiving over 24 million global views.