From Here: To There

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Client: Intuit Mailchimp

‘From: Here, To: There’, Mailchimp Intuit’s first UK conference.

Key objective? Establish the platform as the UK’s BIGGEST hitter in the world of marketing and e-commerce, with emphasis on personalised marketing and email automation. The conference “for marketers, from marketers” featured talks, panels and Q&A sessions from industry thought leaders, Intuit Mailchimp experts… and A-LIST CELEBS LIKE LOUIS THEROUX. Taking over 180 The Strand, we hosted networking areas, product demos, DJ sets and live music - topped off with a custom event app containing immersive gamification and prizes to encourage attendees to explore the space. Our strategy was to embrace a disruptive mindset - by ripping-up the rule book and position Mailchimp Intuit as the UK marketers advantage in business. We created customised experiences and journeys for high value customers and new prospects, ensuring everyone attending had an experience built around their needs and requirements… Bringing alive the Mailchimp ethos – that ecom businesses can win their category when their marketing is powered by data-driven industry gurus. Making conferences fun? Mission: accomplished.