Sarah-Jane Benham

CEO , Kru Live Ltd

Sarah-Jane is CEO of Kru Live, a global live engagement agency that specializes in providing authentic brand ambassadors, entertainment, and event implementation services worldwide. Sarah-Jane's meteoric rise to CEO is a testament to her hard work and dedication. She started as a booking agent at Kru Live, and within just four years, she had risen through the ranks to become the Managing Director. Sarah-Jane's industry expertise has also been recognized, as she was voted the 6th most influential person in the event industry. Kru Live, founded in 2005, prides itself on putting experience at the heart of everything they do. They provide event-savvy authentic brand ambassadors and are purposefully structured to work in partnership with agencies and brands to continually deliver memorable and meaningful results-driven live activity. Their teams are dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences for both their staff and clients.