Rosh Singh

Managing Director , UNIT9

Rosh Singh is the Managing Director of UNIT9: a tech-led production and innovation partner that helps brands develop the most daring and original experiences out there, including the world’s first 5G-powered AR foosball tournament at Wembley Stadium, a vast immersive and personalised treadmill-powered video game for Nike, and a multi-award-winning 360° virtual reimagination of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. As the former head of WPP’s Kinetic Active & KineticX, he is also the polymath behind Lightvert and Voyager VR. 

Rosh is no stranger to judging the best work in the business, having sat on a number of juries and headed up D&AD’s brand new Gaming category in 2021. A highly respected adland thought leader who pens pieces for publications including the Huffington Post, Econsultancy & The Future Laboratory, he has insights galore to share on everything tech, innovation and experience. Rosh has a moustache and secretly loves rom-coms.