YouTube Shorts VidCon Drive-Thru


Client: YouTube

How can we celebrate Creators at VidCon and bring to life the fun, bite-sized world of YouTube Shorts? Reflecting the shorter (and tastier) side of YouTube, we created the first-ever YouTube Shorts Drive-Thru experience for over 17,000 visitors at VidCon. Over three days, the restaurant experience took fans from an interactive menu with 18 custom Creator snacks, to a wonderfully wacky ride on one of our 13-themed golf carts (yes, we wrapped a golf cart in jeans). Then, with surprises from Creators, musical performances, and even a 40-foot MrBeast gumball machine—we made this the must-see stop at VidCon and brought fans closer to their idols, each other, and the endless fun of YouTube Shorts. The experience inspired 34,000 unique Shorts creations (40% from totally new Creators and 55% from Gen Z) with 17,000 people passing through the drive-thru over the course of 4 days. This experience generated 48 Million views, 13 million likes, and 1.5 million hours of watch time on the YouTube platform.