YouTube News Creator Workshops

Cheerful Twentyfirst

Client: YouTube

This programme transformed how virtual events can deliver against educational objectives.

Cheerful Twentyfirst were briefed to create a learning experience that would inspire and support the next generation of independent news journalists. The target audience were beginner creators; a really diverse group in terms of their experience, digital skills, confidence, and genre of news they report on. This background informed a robust programme strategy that laid the foundations for the hugely successful six part virtual series and wider campaign.An impressive and interactive online programme of live content featured inspirational YouTube creators that shared best practice for creators to develop their channels, but the learning didn’t stop there. Workshops were supported by an evolving and extensive catalogue of tools and resources including a motivational film series, bonus backstage footage, weekly tasks, regular newsletters and downloadable cheat sheets created to cater to every learning style. The programme’s creative identity reflected the audience - designed to be playful, energetic and come alive through all touchpoints of the series and careful consideration was given to accessible and inclusive design. Resources were also translated into eight languages to further serve the global, multilingual audience. By taking part in The YouTube News Creator Workshops, the audience honed essential skills (80%), gained confidence (76%) and felt inspired by the online News community (74%) - fuelling the motivation and drive to continue their own news creator success story.