TikTok: ForYou Summit

Seen Presents

Client: TikTok UK

The TikTok ForYou Summit, organised by SEEN Presents, was a resounding success, strategically positioned to reinforce TikTok's status as a premier advertising platform and drawing over 400 senior marketing and advertising clients to Protein Studios in London.

The strategic directive was clear: elevate TikTok's industry-leading position and inspire media advertisers for the year ahead. The ForYou Summit embraced edutainment, employing participatory experiences to bring TikTok's intangible world to life. A physical TikTok brand world, showcased the platform's impact, featuring a life-size tube carriage, a TikTok Corner Shop with viral products, and themed pubs serving FnB trends inspired by the platform. The execution involved a TED-talk-style agenda, blending practical guidance with future sneak-peeks, along with engaging guest speakers like Alan Carr. The event culminated in the TikTok Ad Awards ceremony and a party featuring Love Island's Wes Nelson. Effectiveness and ROI were evident, with the summit becoming TikTok for Business' largest proprietary event in the UK, exceeding attendance targets and achieving almost perfect attendee feedback. In summary, the ForYou Summit showcased TikTok's maturity, trustworthiness and enduring impact on the advertising landscape by merging joy, participation, creativity and edutainment in a truly experiential experience.