‘The Wheel of Time’ global anamorphic launch


Client: Amazon Prime Video

To mark the premiere of the new fantasy series ‘The Wheel of Time’, Prime Video tasked Amplify with delivering a never-before-seen launch moment that would inspire a global audience, brought to life as a series of epic anamorphic illusions. 

Viewers were immersed in a battle between the ‘Light’ – Rosamund Pike’s character Moiraine – and the ‘Dark’ – an evil Fade, commander of the dark army – as the two appear to break the 4th wall and interact with our IRL environments. 

In a world first, Amplify fused live action filming of the cast on set with anamorphic CGI and digital out of home. The team worked collaboratively with Amazon Studios, accessing the show’s CGI models and working closely with Rosamund Pike’s movement coordinator to develop choreography that allowed her character to feel like she was genuinely reaching through the screen towards the audience, no matter what city they were in. Directed by Amplify, Pike was filmed in character over an intricate live-action shoot, with a bespoke performance per location, planned in minute technical detail to maximise the illusion.

Witnessed by many in IRL but experienced by many more through content, it successfully engaged audiences online and offline, exceeding all expectations. The campaign achieved over a million organic social shares, coverage everywhere from The Washington Post and the Daily Mail and to major meme accounts from @memezar to @cabronazi, with a final media reach figure in excess of 809 million. The Wheel of Time became Prime Video’s most watched series premiere of the year