The Macallan Harmony Collection Amber Meadow


Client: The Macallan

This project encapsulates a demonstrable success in surpassing sustainability objectives during a 21-day project. Throughout the process, sustainability and ethical considerations were at the forefront, leading to an astonishingly low total event emission of 3.17tCO2e.

Our dedication to sustainability extended to our workforce, with 87.11% of crew travel using public transport, and zero flights taken during the project, including those to Scotland. Notably, we exceeded expectations in every project aspect: The Drystone Wall: Stones were handpicked from discarded "waste" stone, pre-constructed to minimize weight and waste, and transported using vegetable oil-powered trucks, reducing transport emissions by 90%. Post-event, stones were collected locally, reducing travel by 442 miles. The Meadow: The meadow primarily consisted of existing and natural materials, with no trees sacrificed. Trees were kept in transferable planters, continuing to thrive. Palmbrokers devised a plan minimizing deliveries, and all materials were repurposed. The Terrace: Recycled or recyclable materials dominated the terrace construction. Pre-building in warehouses reduced delivery weight and waste. Biofuel-powered deliveries supported traditional, local businesses, with all touchpoints donated, repurposed, or recycled. The Light Installation: Energy-efficient lighting and a six-hour daily illumination schedule minimized energy use. The project's authenticity was underlined by an urban fox that made the installation home. To offset emissions, we partnered with Ecolibrium and supported The Macallan's Trees for Cities donation, which featured on a menu designed around wild, seasonal, or plant-based produce. This achievement demonstrates how unwavering commitment to sustainability can result in a harmonious coexistence with the natural environment, while delivering luxury experiences.