The LEGO® Superpower Academy


Client: The LEGO® Group

Amplify + The LEGO® Group put a brick-clicking twist on the escape room experience to turn LEGO® bricks into a landmark for World Play Day for B2C audiences.

With a desire to connect with children and families that have a low-affinity to LEGO sets, and cement World Play Day as a standout moment in the calendar, The LEGO Group challenged us to celebrate play as a superpower and create a mass experiential event in Central London. The LEGO® Superpower Academy was designed as an immersive and theatrical destination for guests to uncover and unleash their superpowers of play, tackling a series of inspiring LEGO builds to unlock the next part of their adventure. Representing the Play Squad characters from the wider ATL campaign and tapping into the demographics’ passions for space, nature, vehicles, animals and music, each room transformed ordinary settings into something extraordinary. Spaceships were built. Fantastical forest creatures were created. And the whole building buzzed with the power of play and imagination. Over seven days, The LEGO® Superpower Academy sold out, attracting over 1500 players with an average dwell time of 42 minutes. And with 99% of attendees saying they’d want to attend similar LEGO Group events in future, it was an experience that took a superpowered leap towards rebuilding a world of fearless creatives and turning a campaign cry of ‘Today we play’ into a real-life destination.