The Kentucky Club

The Park

Client: KFC

Through launching The Kentucky Club, The Park supported KFC in their aim of giving every young person a fair shot at their first job.

Taking place at The Compound in Birmingham, the five-hour youth employability event - consisting of panel and talent talks, a podcast recording, performances and a range of break-out activities - was designed to introduce the target demographic to The Kentucky Club and drive ongoing engagement. We delivered a visually impactful experience incorporating everything from a casual seated panel discussion facilitated by Ndidi Okezie, CEO of UK Youth, to a standing workshop with Nella Rose and Luke Vernon, through to a performance by UK grime artist, Ghetts. A survey of attendees revealed that 100% enjoyed the event and were keen to attend another in future. Further to this, 74% felt that they had picked up new skills and 81% felt more prepared to land their first job. The Park worked closely with KFC and a wider network of stakeholders to maximise content capture opportunities, encouraging a reach for The Kentucky Club, far beyond the 62 young people that were in attendance. A combined 45M impressions across social and media partnerships, alongside 250+ pieces of media coverage is evidence of the progress made towards the goal of growing fame for The Kentucky Club.