The Clapham Grand

The Clapham Grand has shown true spirit in the most difficult of years, with its team pulling together to save it from closure. Acting as the trial venue for socially distanced gigs and creating a series of events featuring some of the UK’s best talent.

The venue has innovated revenue streams and crowdfunded its way through 2020 raising over £60k through the ‘Save The Grand’ campaign.

The Grade 2 listed venue has been protected for the future by an incredibly hardworking and talented team through the worst ever period for events.

The Clapham Grand has been honoured to host the first physically distanced live shows in the UK post lockdown, as well as streaming the shows live for all to enjoy. It has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the industry and despite ongoing government changes and restrictions, the team still managed to successfully deliver over 80 physically distanced shows following the first UK lockdown, as well as many hybrid live streams, adhering to all COVID regulations, adapting to various rule changes and curfews.