The Baker's Dozen: The World's First Bread Based Restaurant


Client: Asda

Asda had expanded and improved its range of artisan breads under new Executive chef Jonathan Moore and wanted an idea to launch it to media. Yet, in a world of executive food and TikTok trends how do you make bread exciting?

We believed that this Asda bread was so good it deserves better than being in a basket or a side plate. Let’s give bread the starring roll (pun intended) it truly deserves. The first fine dining restaurant that served nothing but bread, bread and more bread. Bread for starters, bread for mains, bread for desserts. Welcome to Bakers’ Dozen: the first fine-dining bread-based pop-up, serving a thirteen-course, tasting menu of delightful dough dishes – and it’s very own ‘Doughmelier’ on hand to pair the bread based dishes to Asda’s Extra special wines. Dishes included Toast with Brown Crab, Bone Marrow sauce and Pickled Kohlrabi and Chives; Naan Bread with Beef & Lamb Shakshukit and Bread, and Butter pudding with brown bread ice cream. The Baker’s Dozen resulted in 1,100 applications to dine, two packed out sittings and 40+ pieces of positive media coverage including The Evening Standard, The Sun, The Daily Mirror and glowing reviews in The Independent and My London, which described it as ‘revolutionary’. Asda declared it the best live food experience they’ve ever done – helping to add an extra 400,000 customers in-store during Q3 of 2022.