Take a Scene, Please

Media.Monks B.V.

Client: DoorDash

For the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival we partnered with DoorDash to prepare a surprising twist on the theater experience. We created a mashup of the classic NYC deli ticket counter and a movie concession stand done in a whimsical, pastel-toned Wes Anderson aesthetic. The pop-up experience invited movie-goers to take a ticket and act out the scenes written on it. Options ranged from a pizza gunfight in the old west, to bagel craving zombies, to salad balancing in an F5 tornado, and more. 

 To set (and share) the scene, festival-goers could pose with various props and backdrops. The abundance of shareable content resulted in 150K cumulative impressions on Facebook and Instagram, countless cinematic memories—and landed the DoorDash brand in the spotlight at the Tribeca Film Festival.