Swift at The Caravan & Motorhome Show


Client: Swift Group

Collaborate helped Swift exceed their sales target, capture unique customer journey data through heat mapping and did so while measuring their carbon emissions.

The agency created an experientially-led exhibition space which surpassed each objective set by Swift, backed up with real quantifiable data. The huge success of this exhibition space was not left for interpretation. • 130% of overall sales target achieved* • 114% target achieved for number of vehicles sold • 58% (58,000) of all show visitors came to the stand • 72% of those who did come were engaged with the stand • Most popular hero feature saw 11% of the whole show's attendees become engaged with it • 4 unreleased units sold through VR. In a relatively traditional industry, it was Swift that chose to partner with an agency to carve a new path. One that was fraught with challenges and obstacles a traditional caravan sales company had not seen before. Inputting new-age technologies and purposefully designing the stand to accentuate the vehicles, allowing for space so that experiences could be added, truly levelled this stand above competitors at the show. Hailed by the show organiser and the NEC as 'well crafted' and 'bar setting', this exhibition stand set the precedent for all future competitors at industry events. Collaborate were proud to bring to Swift: • A record breaking show • Their single best ever day in terms of sales • Their first show to contain quantifiable metrics, rather than opinion-based feedback *based off average sale price of each vehicle