Swamp Motel are pioneers of storytelling experiences. The only agency where brands can work directly with immersive theatre makers and creatives, and the only brand experience agency to also produce immersive experiences direct-to-consumer. Why? Developing original work gives the team opportunity to test new ideas, research the application of new technologies and keeps the team close to culture and the consumer. 2023 saw Swamp produce two original experiences - the AI-powered Saint Jude and a festive immersive dining experience, Velvet Pines.

Cited by the Financial Times as “…the future of theatre…”, Saint Jude, was the driving force behind a 55% YOY increase in new business revenues, with new projects for Warner Brothers, ITV, Knorr, Co-op and Square. Whether delivering a highly creative alternative to red carpet premieres for Prime Video, bringing stagecraft and direction to metaverse experiences for Deloitte, out of this world music collaboration events for Beavertown or turning press events into immersive experiences for ITV, the team have continued to innovate with every project in 2023, whilst also investing into the team. Swamp believes that immersive experiences are the antidote to the disconnection of the loneliness epidemic. Led by this new purpose, a new Swamp brand will be launching early in 2024 alongside a programme of community building initiatives. Through this community Swamp Motel hopes to raise the profile of immersive experiences as an ever-growing powerful tool for brands, whilst continuing their ongoing research into deeper immersion in storytelling experiences.