Support is Everything


Client: adidas

The campaign ran at the start of 2022, preceding what was to be an epic year for women in sport, particularly in the UK. With an abundance of statistics from Sport England and other institutions extolling the positive virtues of practising sport, and the worrying correlation between girls that stop practising sport and those who suffer body confidence issues, this campaign articulated adidas commitment to empowering change through sport - both in a practical sense with a range of bras for every women, shape and size - as well as by showing lesser represented women and girls that sport is inclusive and there are powerful, iconic role models that are pushing for a more equal playing field. The campaign captured the attention of consumers, media, influencers and talent, all who joined a conversation around positive change. The debate erupted on LinkedIn where the debate amongst professionals had hundreds of thousands comments and interactions, making sure that equality, representation and support were high on the agenda and the brand continues to inspire the next generation…which is precisely what we set out to do.