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Until 2018, men and women were forbidden from attending music concerts – or any type of public entertainment together in Saudi Arabia. When the ban was lifted, people were looking to express themselves through dance, art, and music fueling a rising storm. MDLBEAST, an entertainment company anchored in the Kingdom, was looking to harness this storm’s energy hoping it would become a cultural catalyst for Saudi youth and drive change throughout the region. As music took root, MDLBEAST was eager to create something so powerful – the world would take notice – a high-octane, barrier-breaking music festival – powered by people. Where friends could forge indelible memories, and men and women could stand shoulder to shoulder experiencing music together, in public – many for the very first time. As beats were unleashed and absorbed by the crowd, barriers began to fall, and joy spread like wildfire. Patrons posed for cameras, wanting to express themselves, clamoring to be seen in for who they really are. Attendees circumnavigated the 5.3 sq km festival site where for three-days 200 artists played across 7 stages and 2 lounges, encountering over-the-top immersive entertainment, stunning works of art, and heart-pounding experiences – the air was electric as attendees explored the very best of Saudi arts and culture. Live energy was unleashed at Soundstorm, breaking records in pyrotechnics and making headlines around the globe. Most importantly it united people to drive change and shatter perceptions through music.