SONOS Frisson Trigger


Client: Sonos

Amplify + Sonos collaborate to deliver a groundbreaking music brand experience, engineered to give you goosebumps; changing the game for product + IP launches in the audio space.

Combining art and science to take Sonos’ spatial audio technology to the next level with a never-before-attempted exploration of the emotive power of sound. Sonos wanted a campaign to sustain cultural conversation around Era 300, the brand’s newly launched speaker. The campaign had to celebrate the emotive power of sound, reinforce the brand’s credibility in music and reignite its innovation narrative. Introducing “Frisson Trigger” In collaboration with Eric J and academic experts, we explored the science behind the phenomenon of frisson, taking inspiration from anecdotal evidence and research studies to guide the creation of the piece. Frisson is a deeply personal experience; it manifests differently in everyone, so Eric loaded as many known triggers into the piece as he could, maximising the chances of it having the desired effect on every listener. Creating this piece of music was an entirely unique experience for Eric; it had not been attempted before, and there was no guarantee it would work, so the project was a truly innovative leap of faith. Sonos Frisson Trigger became a groundbreaking audio experience that connected with culture and drove the conversation about the emotive power of sound. It achieved national and international press coverage from titles. It reached 4,755,000 people, with The New York Times describing it as “an emotional odyssey that showcases the potential of spatial audio innovation.”