Somewhere Boy Press Launch and Screening

Channel 4 and The Manual

In October 2022, Channel 4 partnered with The Manual to launch our new TV drama and network priority, "Somewhere Boy" to an audience of press, influencers and TV tastemakers at the Hoxton Docks in London. We created a truly immersive and intriguing experience that transported guests into the strangely isolated world of Danny, our main character. We achieved this by fusing replica house sets with an intruding forest for guests to explore. We had a series of vignettes that represented storylines within the home. We created interactive, shareable activations bringing the world to life such as a Scalextric set, an interactive wall for guests to draw on, and golf around the house. We worked extensively with the TV production team to ensure authenticity and continuity with the series, including sourcing many original items.

Our sound and lighting was elevated - we created soundscapes that filled each interactive space and had an innovative audio solution featuring walkie-talkies (which were relevant to the series) playing out zonally character soundbites and effects. The lighting design created an atmospheric, haunting feel - echoing the darker themes of the show. The end result was a unique, innovative and immersive launch event that had a great social media impact. The numerous mentions, organic posts and impressions highlighted the shareability of our activations and spread news of the show far and wide. The show was later nominated for four BAFTA awards, winning in the ‘Emerging Talent in Fiction’ category for the writer, Pete Jackson.