Client: Nike

Every year, on the 8th of August, Nike celebrates SNKRS Day to commemorate the app's launch and create a moment for fans to remember – usually centred around iconic sneaker releases.

For the 5th anniversary, Nike wanted to bring fans together physically and digitally for the first time since 2019 with their most ambitious SNKRS day in history. Our brief was to get an international audience together to reimagine what W’s (wins) Nike fans can come to expect. The campaign needed to go beyond the sneaker drop and plant Nike firmly at the heart of emerging culture, creativity and community. Introducing… SNKRS DAY LIVE An 8-hour IRL & Virtual event spanning three cities: London, Paris and Berlin. Each city hosted an ambitious event that invited artists, musicians, creatives and sneaker fans to celebrate the day with a programme of events that put the micro-communities and trailblazers front and centre. Whilst each event became its own content engine, for those that attended, we amplified it even further via owned media channels to ensure that access was open to everybody, not just fans in big cities. The live broadcast gave Nike members and fans an entirely new experience, bringing all three cities together, and presented by fan favourites Will & Az live from Nike European HQ outside Amsterdam. This new approach to engaging with culture attracted new audiences and embraced the existing sneaker-obsessed fandom. With Nike, we changed the face of the app and raised expectations for all future SNKRS Day events.