Sky House of Glass


Client: Sky

‘House of Glass’: A fully carbon-neutral brand experience for a certified CarbonNeutral® product

For over 15 years Sky has been committed to reducing its impact on the environment through its #GoZero strategy. The strategy promises to make Sky technology products that are better for the planet, this has led to the creation of ‘Sky Glass’; the world's first CarbonNeutral® product certified TV. Sky needed an integrated campaign that would match the CarbonNeutral® product’s certified status. The campaign needed to pioneer a blueprint that would deliver sustainable Sky brand experiences whilst maintaining high-quality production values, now and into the future. We reimagined how experiences are designed, deployed and measured to redefine sustainable brand experiences and the way that brand experiences impact the world around them. As a founding member of ISLA ( we piloted TRACE, an industry-specific carbon and waste measurement tool to track data across production, transport, energy and waste. Sustainability was at the core of the campaign; from design to materials and from production to touring. By removing, reducing or off-setting all emissions at every step of the journey we ensured that the brand experience would be certified Carbon Neutral at the end of the campaign, just like Sky Glass. The result? A certified CarbonNeutral® brand experience and a blueprint for all our futures.