Sky Cinema Presents: Earls Court Studios


Client: Sky

How do you transform an empty aircraft hangar into a high-energy production spectacular? This was the mission facing Collaborate, for its ‘Earls Court Studios’ activation for Sky.

Embedding both modern and innovative production techniques allowed Collaborate to re-imagine and re-inspire this desolate concrete space. This project was creatively brought to life with design, then backed up with a level of production that catered for this completely bespoke solution. A ‘secret cinema’ style experience where guests didn’t actually buy into the idea before walking through the doors. The production techniques and design story took guests on a journey through this working sound stage, making sure that it was packed with memorable and engaging moments whilst also competing with the attractions and experiences at the main event too. The key take aways from the 2022 instalment of Earls Court Studio: •Increased dwell time •Increase audience engagement – tracked through registering for different experiences •Increased traffic to ‘Over The Road’ activation due to content being created inside the faux film studio and played at the sister activation •Increased lead capture through guests registering for experiences •Lower carbon emissions through re-use of sets and a cyclical design process 2022 was the first year Sky truly owned the cinema space at Goodwood Revival. Intrinsically linking both activations drove brand awareness across the entire festival. Fans found a natural reason to merge between both of Sky’s activation spaces and found different reasons to leave feeling fulfilled, matching to Sky’s values – good movies and deep immersion.