Shell 360

Wunderman Thompson

Client: Shell

We were tasked with launching a new facility to Shell’s customers, the polymers business. The operation sets out to be the most innovative, sustainable and future focussed polymers facility in the world, with advanced recycling capability and net zero carbon emissions.

In May 2022, Pittsburgh, USA, we created an immersive dining experience for Shell customers, the first after lockdown, that allowed guests to taste and see global innovation across seven continents through food and film. Each chapter comprised a story of human innovation and matching dining experience, from each continent. Created by one of the world’s most innovative chefs - Grant Achatz - and his entire restaurant team, each course was inspired by the innovation, while film content played out on a 360 screen array comprising nearly 100 individual pieces of content in sync. The food was served immediately after. The screens then switched to abstract content inspired by the colours of the dish people were eating with music relating to that continent This enabled Shell’s customers to travel the world, immersing themselves in each story. This strategy was a metaphor for the brand and business: innovative, human centric, future focussed and sustainable. Results were incredible, across the three key metrics measured across 200 guests: Brand affinity: (how much I feel this brand is close to me) 80% Brand purpose: most selected words from a word cloud: Innovative, Creative, Meaningful Experience rating (now much you enjoyed the experience): was 9/10. Guest testimonial: “such a memorable, immersive experience. Something I’ll remember forever”.