Sage Studios - Black Friday TikTok Shop Live Stream


Client: Sage Appliances

Stellar and Sage Appliances have been working closely together to break new ground in virtual selling and live stream shopping experiences, showcasing Sage's range of high-end consumer goods across their existing digital platforms. As part of this strategy, we launched the Sage Studios TikTok shop in July 2022 with the aim of reaching a new, younger audience, introducing them to Sage products and welcoming them to a community of like-minded coffee lovers.

On Black Friday, November 22, 2022, our talented Sage Studios team of charismatic social superstars, conceived, planned and executed a pioneering activation with outstanding results.  With 2.3 million impressions, 319,000 product views and an 18.7% click-through rate (10% benchmark), we helped Sage make TikTok EU history with the biggest single brand live selling event, taking them to #1 TikTok Shop in the Electronics category.