Retransforming Learning @ EY Transformation Realised

Jack Morton

Client: Ernst and Young

EY help their clients with business transformation at every level – from the operational back end all the way down to employee experience.

The challenge, to increase understanding of the complex EY Transformation Realised strategy at the APAC-wide internal learning week. To attain or improve upon last year’s understanding scores while receiving a majority of positive feedback from attendees. And nobody knows EY’s strategy better than their own internal experts. But they’re often behind the scenes, unknown, or hierarchically out of reach. What if we could transform them into accessible, celebrity-like champions for the week? So, we turned the Transformation Realised strategy into living, interactive guides, who would show you exactly how to use it and answer all your questions. Working with Unreal Engine, game designers, real time camera integration and full body motion capture we took three strategy experts from within EY and turned them into living digital characters – each one a representation of one of the three core strategy components. We called them “The Avatars”. These characters would not only appear on stage to give commentary on speakers and provide core strategic insight in response to the show, they also lived across MS Teams, receiving questions, popping into learning sessions and answering DMs. At the end of each day they wrapped up all the best insights, questions and answers into a charmingly robotic podcast.