Client: Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela wanted to increase brand awareness through a sampling experience in the UK of their luxury fragrance range REPLICA. Countless studies showed the powerful link between scent and memory. To fast-track brand awareness and love in a way that felt truly personal, our pop-up experience aimed to unlock and celebrate people's unique memories with the help of the REPLICA fragrances.

With creative scent association alongside a wistful introduction to the story of each fragrance, brand ambassadors helped each guest to unlock a rich personal memory sparked by one of the fragrances within the REPLICA range. Through an immersive and multi-sensorial exhibition, we encouraged guests to delve into the sights, sounds, feelings, and scents of their chosen memory, building a keepsake memory box along the way – with immeasurable sentimentality attached. The outcome? Guests left with an innately individual brand experience and equally personal user generated content – some of which went viral – helping expand the ripple of brand awareness far beyond our unforgettable pop-up experience. But, most importantly, we transformed the way people connect with fragrance by making the REPLICA range more memorable than ever.