Relaunching an Icon

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Client: Battersea Power Station

With one opportunity to get this right, the relaunch of Battersea Power Station was quite possibly the most momentous brief to ever land on BK's desk. You better believe we threw the kitchen sink at it.

Working with the A-Team of event production and in collaboration with top tier industry allies, we delivered something truly unique, absolutely spectacular and completely unforgettable. One big moment simply would not cut it. We expanded the scope. We maximised the budget. We pushed creative concepts to the limit and provided weeks of celebrations to cater for the hundreds of thousands who came. Kicking off with a VIP event, expertly delivered amongst the chaos of a shopping centre two days away from opening, we showcased the spectacular interior of the building and provided an unforgettable night for the 1000 attendees. Countdown to doors went off with a daytime-fireworks-bang, inaugurated by Sadiq Khan and preceding a two week ‘Festival of Power’, featuring 130hrs of live music and a whole host of family friendly activities. Our creative throughout the project was on point. We already had the venue (and couldn’t have asked for a better one), the challenge lay in doing it justice. Our design team worked tirelessly alongside our client to nail every aspect of every activation we delivered. We went through over 300 renders before we, and BPS, were satisfied.