Red Bull League Of Its Own

We Are Collider

Client: Red Bull

Red Bull has a gaming programme that focuses on creating its own esports events and supporting the best teams around the globe. This enables the brand to authentically embed itself into esports culture and resonate with the gaming audience.

They wanted to stage a debut esports event inviting Europe’s best League of Legends teams to play against World Champion Korean Team T1. A once-in-a-lifetime chance for fans to see their beloved teams playing against the best. We took over the Velodrome in Berlin on 9th December, sold 7,000 tickets and fans flew in from around the world. The event was as much about the show and audience goosebumps as it was about gameplay. The main stage show was epic with fans greeted by a giant cube that raised to reveal the stars with a light and sound show. Every audience member was given an LED wristbands that illuminated at key moments of gameplay with audience reactions to ensure they were immersed in the action. League of Legends lore was embedded in the show, eg. whenever a dragon was killed in-game, their project-mapped ghost would fly around the arena. From a production perspective, the event pulled on all our best practices to elevate the event beyond expectations. We used 51 trucks, 500m of truss, 60 individual pixel-mapped assets that were triggered by gameplay, 400+ lights, 200sqm of LEDs, 100 speakers, 500sqm of projection mapping around the Velodrome track, 423 pieces of furniture, 543 members of crew and served 4,550 crew meals!