Project Change


Client: UEA, The Production Bureau

We know that the impacts of climate change are being felt now and will continue to intensify over time and it will be today’s young people that will experience the worst of these impacts. The decisions being made today will have the biggest impact on them. Their right to participate and speak up is now more important than ever. Their creativity, innovation and thought- provoking ideas are key to solving climate change issues. UEA Outreach and their partner agency, Mammoth are on a mission to amplify youth voices in the climate conversation; to make young people feel empowered and know that their voice is valued and has an important place in the conversation. Project Change was created as a dedicated platform to ignite young people’s fiery passions, encourage them to speak up for their future and inspire other young people to get involved. We are empowering young people by giving them the tools that they need to combat climate change.