Pinterest Presents | It's Different Here


Client: Pinterest

Pinterest Presents’ is an annual virtual conference for Pinterest’s B2B audience.

It’s a pivotal moment in the brand’s marketing calendar, and an opportunity to unveil new product announcements, facilitate conversation through cultural thought leadership pieces and engage Pinterest Creator audiences from around the world. Pinterest is still a challenger brand with low comprehension and consideration outside of the US. But, lockdowns and social distancing restrictions meant that the global conference needed to be virtual. At the time, our industry was experiencing a rise in tech innovation. Brands were racing towards webinars and were all too keen to be the first to build in ‘the metaverse’. This led to a plethora of virtual events that were often hosted on existing, unexciting and uncustomizable platforms with a focus on technology fads, with little value or consideration for the audience. How could we ensure that Pinterest delivered a virtual conference that was true to the brand’s values, and stood out not only in the market but to an audience with Zoom fatigue? The idea lay in the core brand belief that ‘It’s Different Here’. So it was only right that we created a different kind of ads summit, with stunning set design to bring the brand and product updates to life in collaboration with Fashion designer Tan France. Keeping the charm of IRL while embracing the best of URL to break the format of typical virtual conferences and webinars to show the personality and value of Pinterest.