Momentum Worldwide

For the past two years, the industry has been paused, challenged, reshaped and, ultimately, reborn. In 2022, Momentum Worldwide, who was first out of the gate when the “great reset” occurred, was reinvented. We went back to our live-event roots, but with a fresh new perspective and ready to lead the industry forward in our new reality.

Known for creating impactful, entertaining and shareable experiences, Momentum positions brands in the heart of culture. Our best-in-class disciplines now deliver physical, virtual and blended experiences that bring people closer to what they love in unique ways that solve business challenges. Our 1,000+ individuals across 27 offices in 21 countries are united in the belief that “It’s Not What Brands Say, It’s What Brands Do That Matters.” That in the “doing,” brands can find meaningful ways to break through and engage consumers in the physical, virtual or hybrid world – and herein lies our sweet spot. We apply this across all of our areas of expertise: experiential and events, sponsorships and partnerships, entertainment and talent management, retail and connected commerce, and virtual and digital. With the world opening up anew post-COVID, we felt it was an opportunity to redefine the modern-day experiential agency. 2022 was the year of reset and reinvention. The year we came back to life and back to live events. The year a “new normal” became “normal.” We’ve even reinvented our leadership, with the appointment of Donnalyn Smith as Global CEO.