Me, My Autism and I - Museum of Must Haves


Client: Vanish

Vanish are about helping clothes live longer, brighter and stain free and the autistic community rely on the longevity of their clothing for comfort and feeling safe.

Energy collaborated with Vanish and Ambitious about Autism at the OXO Gallery to produce the 'Me, My Autism and I - Museum of Must Haves' exhibition. This included the overseeing of the activation from end to end, alongside collaborating with Havas on the creative ideation throughout. This was the first in a series of activations which lead to the launch of the award winning TVC on Channel 4. The exhibition celebrated the favourite clothes of eight girls with autism by showcasing them in glass cabinets, highlighting the high esteem in which they are held by their wearers. The larger narrative about the girls' relationship with their clothes was displayed alongside each item, with additional details about how the clothing helped them cope with stressful situations inscribed in handwriting on the glass of the cabinets. Consumers and media were invited experience first-hand the special meaning of the clothing through contributors stories and tactile elements within the space. In addition, the exhibition featured a post box system for visitor feedback, four screens displaying additional stories from girls with autism, and a designated quiet area for those seeking a calm retreat within the exhibition space. Christine McGuinness, campaign ambassador, who has autism herself and has autistic children spoke movingly at the event about her experience and the importance of clothing items in their lives.