Escape to a Malfy World

Darabase and Art Of The Possible

Client: Malfy Gin

Darabase are an Augmented Reality advertising production powerhouse, dedicated to immersive location-based storytelling and a unique real-world permissions-based engine for properties and landmarks and the AR content around them.

Art of the Possible are a multi-award winning agency dedicated to delivering impactful creative rooted in strong insights to their portfolio of clients all over the world. Together these two entities collaborated across Pernod Ricard/The Absolut Group’s gin brand ‘Malfy’ to harness the impressive powers of both social media and augmented reality to bring the visual brand and semiotics to life. Pulling from Darabase’s multi-disciplined team of AR specialists, coders, front and back end developers, project managers etc. and Art Of the Possibles team of strategists and creative heads, what transpired was a multisensory campaign that is nowhere else on the market across alcohol at the moment. Delivering a sumptuous immersive experience, and exceptional results. You can access the AR experience here: