Magners Secret Cider Garden

Neon Agency

Client: Magners UK

Neon Agency successfully executed the Magners Secret Cider Garden Roadshow in 2023, shifting focus to capture a younger demographic and repositioning their brand identity. Building on the prior success of the Magners Secret Orchard, the 2023 roadshow featured a series of music events across four cities, culminating in a finale at Old Billingsgate, London.

The strategic pivot, encapsulated by the campaign message "Gardens. Best Served with Magners," emphasized creating a magical space for friends to connect, discover, and savour moments together. The events showcased local talent, fostering engagement and supporting the brand's shift. With a budget of approximately £500,000, Magners strategically allocated resources to execute a comprehensive 360 campaign, utilizing social media channels and media platforms. Local artists headlined each event, creating an immersive experience. Magners partnered with 'The Bee Friendly Trust,' incorporating charitable touchpoints at each event to raise awareness about the vital role of bees in cider production. The roadshow's effectiveness was evident with a total attendance of over 1680 across four events. Reviews indicated that 96% expressed intent to return, 81% showed an increased likelihood of purchasing Magners Draught, and an overall event rating of 4.59 out of 5. Magners acknowledged the meticulous event management, adaptable brand experience, and the introduction of a reusable production kit, praising the potential for long-term brand loyalty and customer engagement. The Magners Secret Cider Garden Roadshow successfully achieved its goals, establishing a vibrant and enduring brand presence within the targeted demographic.