Living Room Sessions ft. Joris Voorn & Johana Kroft

The Brand Father

Client: Philips TV & Sound

Philips TV & Sound sought to showcase their new audio-visual surround system and Fidelio products, which aim to provide an immersive experience in one's living room. One of the main objectives of this campaign was to let people experience the products first-hand. The Brand Father developed a 2-day experiential and immersive event that transported visitors into a different world and took place during the world’s leading electronic dance festival: Amsterdam Dance Event. Our collaboration with Philips TV & Sound was artist-led and became the ultimate blend of tech, music and art. The event was 3-fold; an immersive audio-visual experience, a digital art gallery with 5 renowned artists, and Q&As with the artists.

The audio-visual highlight of the event, “Blooming Spirit”, was co-created by techno legend Joris Voorn and 3D visual artist Johana Kroft. The juxtaposition of their styles resulted in a never-seen-before, 11-minute audio-visual journey that provided visitors with new inspiration and a chance to re-energise. The piece was developed in Dolby Atmos, allowing for a fully surround sound experience that travelled to various parts of the brain. The event was held for free at the iconic De l’Europe Hotel where the ultimate living room setting was created in collaboration with interior brand FEST. The experience was praised by many visitors on an emotional level and received positive feedback, positioning Philips TV & Sound as a forward-thinking brand that celebrates creativity, talent and experimentation.