Levi's® 501® 150th Anniversary Experience

160over90 Experiential

Client: Levi's®

2023 marks the 150th Anniversary of the iconic Levi's® 501® jean and to celebrate this historical moment, XYZ was commissioned to create the brand’s largest-ever pop-up initiative in London, for a combination of invite-only and free-to-attend events.

It was the creative brief of dreams: beyond a traditional product marketing brief and a huge salute to the brand’s iconic role in culture; to pay homage to “The Greatest Story Ever Worn”. Over the course of four days in May, XYZ needed to make sure that media, influencers and consumers (primarily a new generation of consumers aged 18-25) would engage with the Levi brand and the 501. The experience needed to turn heads – to stop people passing by and scrolling through their social media feeds. Music, bass cultures and sound systems were the defining factor of our creative concept. We took the original orange 501® thread as the starting point to connect all generations and chose bass music as a unifying force, spanning reggae, drum and bass, electronic and hip-hop genres - all well-loved by Levi wearers around the world. The results blew us away. Levi’s London stores saw a +31% YoY increase in footfall despite train strikes and London footfall being -18%. A legacy extending campaign also translated to revenue. London revenue was up +8% versus +2% target, exceeding objectives. Finally, hard to shift consideration metrics also saw the biggest quarter-on-quarter shift since Levi's tracking began, up +9% points.