Jongga Flavourverse

Amplify in collaboration with Hunter PR

Client: Daesang Jongga


As the #1 Kimchi brand in South Korea and one of the biggest global producers of Kimchi, Jongga wanted to launch its brand to a new and untouched UK foodie audience with a debut brand experience. But how? Enter the Jongga Flavourverse… A format-breaking three-week pop-up designed to unlock a whole new universe of flavour. Inspired by the growing trend in multiverse-themed pop culture, we created a culinary journey of discovery across three immersive worlds that each brought to life a different part of the Jongga brand and Kimchi as a Korean cultural staple. Powered by a targeted PR and media campaign and three resident chef partnerships creating signature dishes that fused world cuisine and mega Kimchi flavour, we brought a slice of Seoul to London. Ultimately creating an immersive foodie experience that travelled far beyond its vibrant destination to put Jongga firmly on the UK map.