Jongga Flavourverse

Amplify in collaboration with Hunter PR

Client: Daesang Jongga

As the #1 Kimchi brand in South Korea and one of the biggest global producers of Kimchi, Jongga wanted to launch its brand to a new and untouched UK foodie audience with an exhibition that would immerse audiences in the world of Kimchi and educate them on the health benefits and taste experiences through chef partnerships.

But how? Enter the Jongga Flavourverseā€¦ A format-breaking three-week immersive exhibition designed to showcase a whole new universe of flavour through education and entertainment. Inspired by the growing trend in multiverse-themed pop culture, we created a culinary journey of discovery across three immersive worlds that each brought to life a different part of the Jongga brand and Kimchi as a Korean cultural staple. Powered by a targeted PR and media campaign and three resident chef partnerships creating signature dishes that fused world cuisine and mega Kimchi flavour, we brought a slice of Seoul to London. Ultimately creating an immersive foodie exhibition that travelled far beyond its vibrant destination to put Jongga firmly on the UK map.