Instagram x Ariana Grande x r.e.m beauty experience

Jack Morton

Client: Meta and r.e.m beauty

Introducing the r.e.m. beauty experience, an immersive, moonscape environment that Ariana Grande and her VIP’s could explore. We transported people off world and into a 1960’s-inspired space-themed integrated campaign inspired by r.e.m. beauty products.

For the in-person audience, the experience began as soon as they entered the enclosed, galaxy-themed environment with a hallway entry moment complete with sand dune terrain. Guests were then transported to the moon through custom-tailored spatial backdrops and fabricated landscape elements with reflective textures and materials, all seen through dim mood lighting and projection mapping. A helmet, flag, and ray gun completed the attendees’ lunar look while actual audio from NASA moon and space recordings played in the background. Each person participated in their very own single person Reels creation experience where a professional videographer captured Reels that were airdropped to them before leaving the space. An audio library complete with r.e.m. inspired sound effects were also provided so our creators could adapt their individual Reels post. For the virtual crowd, the AR filter not only inspired engagement and the ability to contribute but utilised a Meta FoAS product and extended an invitation to her audience to “bring them within”. The social campaign kicked off with a lunar themed Reels post from Ariana herself and then continued with posts from our in-person VIPs. A custom AR filter allowed her other fans to engage virtually and share their own posts as well, amplifying reach and engagement. Turning every participant into an influencer for the brand launch.