Hyundai IONIQ 5 N Global Launch

Collaborate Global

Client: Hyundai

Collaborate helped Hyundai steal the show with their Goodwood debut, thrilling global audiences with the audacious IONIQ 5 N launch at Festival of Speed.

The agency created not only the largest-scale production build at the biggest car culture event in the world, but also extended the reach of this iconic debut to millions globally. The huge success from this campaign lies within the results, leaving no room for interpretation: • The busiest ever stand recorded at the world’s largest car culture event • A dwell time of 14m – averaging 9m more than industry standard • Over 1 million global touch points through PR and social reach All of these impressive stats are wrapped up in the underlying foundation that this was Hyundai’s first ever time at Goodwood. They chose Collaborate based on the agencies extremely in-depth knowledge of automotive production. Outside of the globally successful Hyundai N launch, Collaborate also created 9 other projects that year for 5 other brands at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed. A testament to their relentless and unequivocal skills within automotive production at a global scale. Hyundai were overjoyed with not only the stand, but the craftsmanship and creativity from Collaborate, so much so that that they are in talks about how to not only show up next year, but dominate once again.