HUGO House


Client: HUGO

HUGO is HUGO BOSS’ Gen Z-focused label. Launched in 2022 (and separated from the older audience focussed BOSS) the rebrand was struggling to connect with Gen Z in a meaningful way.

HUGO needed to innovate, and fast. HUGO decided to kickstart their integrated campaign to differentiate HUGO away from the more mature BOSS brand to drive brand notoriety in culture and social media. How could our complete brand pivot cut through in culture? Build a live experience that becomes a social content engine Introducing… HUGO HOUSE. Capturing the spirit and energy of Coachella, but actually off-site, HUGO House was built for lifestyle storytelling and a space where Gen Z creators could create authentic brand content that inspires and entertains their peers. HUGO House was an integrated content engine that introduced HUGO to a brand new audience. Daily episodic content was created to give the house a narrative. Stories were crafted to keep HUGO’s audiences engaged and wanting to know more. HUGO House was the brand’s most extensive social-first integrated live experience ever. Our content-engine approach amplified the brand experience and drove online virality The campaign outperformed the ATL HUGO brand refresh by 15 times with further organic impressions and reach. $2.91 media value was generated in 6 days, more than 75% more than the HUGO brand refresh earlier in the year. Cultural Connection. Completed.