Hearst UK

Client: HearstX

HearstX, Hearst UK's new experiential division, was built to harness the power of new technology and evolve our traditional events business by offering innovation for our advertising partners. The interactive launch event challenged clients to think outside of the traditional boundaries of media by showcasing our iconic brands through the lens of HearstX's capabilities.

The event featured avatar creation, virtual reality experiences, gaming environments, and more. By engaging influential decision-makers, we built relationships with those who would champion our new venture by allowing them to experience HearstX's offerings firsthand. Our collaboration across commercial, editorial and operations was vital to maximising our investment and delivering an exclusive experience for existing and potential clients. The event was activated across seven rooms, each guiding visitors through different aspects of HearstX's capabilities. We began by bringing a selection of our award-winning events to life in a digital showcase, followed by a collection of hybrid campaigns. Next, we demonstrated the possibilities for digital innovation and launched custom avatars as cover stars. And finally, guests visited the Summerverse and went behind the scenes on a virtual reality fashion shoot. The response has been excellent, with 78% of attendees rating the event as 'Excellent', 89% saying they were 'very likely to recommend the event to a colleague', and 67% agreeing they were 'very likely to consider HearstX as a future partner'. The steady stream of meeting requests and briefs that followed testify to how HearstX has inspired new thinking!