Haribo Hide N Seekers


Client: Haribo

HARIBO Hide N Seekers is a unique, outdoor game concept that blended the best bits of timeless games such as Hide and Seek, Blocky 123 and Tag with the iconic visual world of HARIBO.

In its own unmissable 625m2 inflatable arena players of all ages had to use skill, tenacity and agility to hide from our sly band of ‘Super Seekers’ before racing back to the giant ‘Goldbear’ base without being caught. The experience started as soon as you arrived, including hiding practice, tactics training and game-face painting, with the arena itself featuring a range of giant, interactive HARIBO sweets to hide in, under or behind, all with the ongoing pantomime of the Seekers and commentators interacting with the crowds. The event attracted a heart-warming mix of children, big kids, parents and grandparents playing and watching the experience unfold together, with overwhelmingly positive feedback that has fuelled plans to expand the HARIBO Summer experience for 2023.