Google Marketing Live


Client: Google

In 2022, Google wanted one of its most important tentpole events to be different by embracing a people-first philosophy that promoted new ways to do business.

Google Marketing Live EMEA represented an evolution for hybrid B2B experiences: designed and developed to meet the evolved needs of its people, partners and prospects. Underpinned by Wonder’s strategy of ‘whole-self design’, the event focused on how real human interaction can stimulate curiosity, creativity and community. At its heart, this meant a business experience built upon: 1. Insights delivered through human discovery Wonder designed and created 8 x bespoke interactive product experiences that brought to life key - often complex - Google products and technologies in simple, intuitive and engaging ways. 2. Networking that created togetherness From its panoramic physical design to the inclusion of a live band, Wonder ensured the Keynote session was built ground up to connect and engage the audience and speakers seamlessly. The Networking Moment - held on Day 1 rather than Day 2 - was reshaped from event climax into event catalyst, a ‘whole-self’ moment that sparked conversations and connections for Day 2’s Roundtables and Breakouts. 3. Not just value, but meaning Wonder designed Roundtables and Breakouts built upon the pricelessness of *real* facetime, connecting guests with Google leads to generate closer customer connections, plus win-win debate and discussion. ____________________________________________________________ Through the building of relationships, understanding and future pipeline - all whilst hitting Google sustainability goals - GML EMEA 2022 represented a triumphant return to live events.