Good News – A B Corp Store

Proud Robinson + Partners and freuds

Client: B Corporation (B Lab UK)

Good News was a pop-up corner shop which aimed to drive awareness and excitement around the growing range of businesses that are B Corp certified.

As the climate crisis worsens and the UK nears its milestone of 1,000 certified B Corps, educating consumers on the movement and how they can ‘buy better’ has never been more important. Open during B Corp Month in March, Good News was brought to life through a vibrant aesthetic, IRL activations and featured over 300 products from 130 B Corp brands. Unlike other retail concepts, nothing was for sale - social media and storytelling was the only currency. Not all brands in-store had tangible products - rather than cigarettes we displayed packs of ‘fresh air’ to showcase a business specialising in outdoor holidays, a payphone for free cause-related PR advice and a good-cause lotto with social impact challenges and community driven prizes. We re-imagined other service-based businesses into typical convenience store items such as magazine covers and a noticeboard, replacing the usual dog walker adverts, with businesses that off-set carbon emissions. Every brand was given a brief description of what made them a B Corp and defined them as a ‘better’ company. QR codes allowed visitors to learn more, change their shopping habits and allowed each business to capture data and further nurture the relationship. The store played host to 20 events, 23 days of sampling, was visited by over 3,000 consumers and reached 90m online. All products were then donated to local community initiatives.