Global PlayStation® 5 launch

Global PlayStation® 5 launch, Amplify / Sony Interactive Entertainment
PlayStation® pushes the boundaries of what is possible to launch one of the most anticipated consoles in history...

25 regions. 5 continents. 1 global launch.

To celebrate the launch of PlayStation® 5, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the maker of PlayStation®, reimagined what a launch looks like and where it lives with cinematic shows designed to break through the screen. Bringing the ‘Play Has No Limits’ global launch campaign to life, SIE and Amplify created a coloured thread that lit the world blue.

Iconic buildings and popular sites around the world, including Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Venice’s St Mark’s Square and a mountain range in Switzerland became the canvas for further experiences, incorporating immersive projection mapped content and spectacular lighting shows.

We developed an innovative campaign creative, pushing the boundaries of reality by using anamorphic illusions where PlayStation® 5 and the DualSense wireless controller seemingly broke through the screen. This ran at up to 8k on 80m+ screens including the first experience of its kind on Piccadilly Lights.

With over 450 people involved globally we worked closely with regional teams, guiding the technical output to ensure flawless execution and to achieve scale, impact and consistency around the world.

We also guided the content capture and edit, including a 30 hour continuous edit and approval process to provide all regions with edits which were posted on social channels within 8 hours of activation. The result was the first globally co-ordinated social campaign in PlayStation® history receiving over 24 million global views.