Gasoline Mary


Client: Ipiranga

We partnered with Ipiranga Gas Stations and the major GTA 5 roleplay server Complexo to transform the meaning of Maria Gasolina (or Gasoline Mary), which is a derogatory Brazilian expression used to describe women that are solely interested in men for their cars. Our aim was to reach Gen Z by entering the metaverse. Therefore, we recreated an Ipiranga gas station within GTA 5 and made Gasoline Mary its owner, inspired by Maria Athênice, the first-ever woman to own a gas station in Brazil. We partnered with female gaming streamers to show everyone what was happening in the metaverse for International Women’s Day. Through this activation, people were able to discover the true meaning of a Gasoline Mary: a woman who's an expert in cars. Over 70 million people have seen the Gasoline Mary activation and their support has taken over the internet. The result was outstanding: Maria Gasolina’s Wikipedia page and definition in the online dictionary were rewritten. In other words, we were able to change a previously derogatory term into a new empowering expression for women in Brazil—all through the metaverse.