Gamescom 2022

Evolve Creative Solutions Ltd

Client: THQ Nordic

THQ wanted to launch their 2022 game releases with a bang at the world’s largest gaming show. They wanted maximum impact, immersive gaming experiences and consumer engagement.

Evolve delivered a 1,020sqm dazzling theme park for fans to step right into the games they love. A combination of high-level, tilted LED screens, graphics, 3D models and dynamic, bespoke lighting arrays provided instant visual effect. Seven immersive gaming worlds drew fans into the heart of the booth. The gaming zones included a glowing circular entrance portal covered with ancient stone carvings which led to the spectacular alien world of Adelpha and a derelict 1960s San Francisco townhouse with a spookily lit front door. The perfectly detailed 3D model alien with his smoking flying saucer outside the house caught everyone’s attention and was one of the most-photographed elements at Gamescom. For ‘Alone in the Dark’ we brought to life a 1920s New Orleans gothic horror thriller. The Palladian columns and the dark stairway with vintage wallpaper and antiqued light fittings built anticipation for a gaming zone that was a high-tech haunted house. Carefully programmed moving light sequences worked with the overhead LED screens to create a dramatic build-up to live events. Europe’s first All Elite Wrestling match drove massive audience participation. Superfans and influencers went head to head in live gaming shows on the stage and the booth featured a live broadcast studio looking out across the show to engage a much wider audience of fans online and at the show.