Fuelling the debate for cleaner shipping

Knights Media & Public Relations [Knights MPR]

Client: Lubmarine - a TotalEnergies business

Delivered on a £50,000 budget, it is an example of how budgets of this size can be used to deliver high performing, impactful media relations campaigns that positively increase visibility, market awareness, credibility and revenue. By influencing the market in this way, we have driven revenue and interest in Lubmarine’s Talusia Universal cylinder oil by +110% - a proof point of the campaign’s effectiveness and ROI. 

We established a clear market position for Lubmarine in the clean, green emissions debate based upon new, topical and independent “viewpoints” from within the insurance industry and lubricant research that delivered regular and relevant quality content for journalists, with value-led discussions on the future of low carbon transport at sea. Had we not done this, perceptions of Lubmarine would have remained unchanged and the business's share of voice across the media would be in decline.